Your home is your paradise, the place you feel safe and certain. Your home is not a single house or an apartment.

The home is a feeling. The place you feel nostalgic for every time you leave it, you go on a trip. The home is a feeling. Your home is a sensation. For this reason it is so hard to call that empty space you are moving into a home. You need your stuff that will make it all your, you need some little details that will make it a lot more cosier, you need practical belongings and emotional ones as well and after all you need people to share this all with. But after all aren’t there things that matter the most? What may make that place cozier and how could you feel there much more comfortably? Well, thank God, a few little details could transform every house that has no spirit into a pure heaven.


Candles, candles. Everywhere. Especially in that time, when the days are cold and the night long, when leaves are falling or it is snowing. Those little pieces of perfection may make your home an absolute precious place. Buy a lot of them with different shapes, colors and mostly with different scents. And then place them all over your house, literally. In the kitchen and in the living room, where you could enjoy them, while you are spending some delightful time with your family, in the bathroom, where you would take a bath and relish the scents and the relaxation. And last but not least in the bedroom, where you could lay or cuddle or sleep so much nicer indeed.


How they affect that home is that they are making it personal, a lot more personal. It is not anymore a well-arranged house of stranger. That would be your one. Find some nice and fancy frames and put different photos in them – of your trips and adventure, of your family and friends. Then arrange them nicely in the different rooms in your home. There is one thing that you should know – photos are never too much. However, if you combine them with some other pieces of art, it would be even more effective.

Blankets and cushions

Those make your home a place for cuddles, nights in and lazy afternoons. And the truth is that these all are what indeed matters. You won’t be travelling every weekend and not every day would be so worth remembering, but if you have these by your side, the time would be worth spending at home.


I do believe that a house with no books is a worthless house. It is wisdom locked into a bunch of pages. It is a new world. It is imagination, creativity. And the good news is that all those may be beautifully arranged around your home. They are the perfect decoration, so you better not skip them if you strive for greatness.

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