Keeping a shopping list in or close to your pantry is a good solution to easily remember if you need to purchase something. Regardless how much or how little time you’ve got, you can begin on organizing your kitchen today. Keep organizing your kitchen such as this and you’ll have an excellent flow to your own kitchen and it’ll work so far better for you.

Here are 18 smart strategies to allow you to organize your kitchen!


  1. Stash plastic bags in empty paper towel tubes, hanging bag holders or even fold them so they take up less room yet still convenient to grab and go. Find plenty of projects on this page.
  2. A crock can be used to hold frequently needed utensils and set on the counter for easy access (wooden spoons, spatulas, soup ladles, etc.). Also helps keep the large utensils drawer better sorted since less is packed inside (dividers or shallow baskets come in handy here). Can also hang a wall basket to stash lightweight larger items.
  3. Store a hand mixer, its beaters and attachments into a basket before tucking away into a cupboard. No more fussing with wrapping cords, digging around for attachments-everything is neatly tucked in the basket. This works for all kinds of small appliances and their attachments (electric knives, food choppers, electric juicers, etc.). (Source: Marilyn Bohn).
  4. Spices can take up a lot of precious space–get them off the shelf and up on the wall. Mount a spice rack inside the pantry on a wall or hang a narrow basket shelf inside the door (not over the stove, heat degrades the quality of stored herbs and spices).
  5. A well stocked and sorted pantry will save time, money and effort. See Beginner Guide to Pantry Pride for helpful information. Fabric totes, plastic bins, big glass jars can be used as containers. Also see Martha Stewart’s list of How To Stock Home Essentials.
    Consider stashing measuring cups right in the bins along with the sugar, flour, etc. If you have big bins, consider sticking the sifter right in with the flour too. Great trick and no more digging for lost measuring cups!

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If you really do not possess the space and would like to locate a place that is uncomplicated to to reach then hang your equipment. It’s all about utilizing the space you’ve wisely and not wasting any. Next you wish to organize that which you have left. There’s a great deal of various sizes, contingent upon your cabinet size, so make sure that you measure carefully!

You never know the quantity of time spent in your kitchen.

By grouping them, I can find what I’m looking for easier than needing to look throughout the pantry. Next get cleared of whatever doesn’t work. We use spices every single day within our cooking.

In case you have any tips and techniques for organizing, I’d want to hear them!

And don’t forget, these are simply suggestions. I discovered a fantastic video which I found helpful and funny at the similar time. I truly thought I’d use it more.

Here are some more ideas about organizing your kitchen.

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