It was not long ago, when you were moving out and you decided that performing an end of tenancy cleaning all by yourself is a task too strenuous and too annoying.


dining-room-332207_1280So you remember crystal clear, how you made research and asked your friends for advice so that you could find the very best, that cleaning agency that could transform your home and make it shine. And you found them. So they arrived fully equipped at your door, not long thereafter, and with their wide smiles and astonishing confidence, they made you believe that everything will be all right. And what you have to admit is that in that time, when you were nervous and anxious, when you had million things to do and no time, this attitude was a life-saver. They cleaned with assiduity and preciseness. They were patient, but passionate, as well. And most of all they were friendly and kind. Their professionalism left you out of breath and the results were a lot more than you expected. So now, every time you are about to clean up, what you think of is their remarkable expertness, which could not remain unnoticed. And super logically, a question pops up in your mind. Couldn’t you bring that professionalism to your home? Couldn’t you perform a cleaning on the high level they did and couldn’t you steal some of their tricks. Thanks God, here is the ultimate guide and the little secrets the cleaners shared with us.

Pay attention to the detail

What almost every unprofessional cleaning lacks is attention to the detail. Yes, we are all vacuuming and dusting on a weekly basis, we are changing the bed sheets and cleaning the bathrooms after having a shower. But we fail to ask, the most important question, is that enough? The answer is indeed simple. If you are striving for greatness, you need a lot more, because these days it is all about the details. The professionals are washing windows and are making every surface sparkle, they are removing spots and hard water stains, cobwebs and fingerprints from walls and in the end, the entire condition of the house is improved and not only one surface is perfected.

Be persistent

The rule is: don’t give up. Well, it won’t be easy right in the beginning, because as you start cleaning, you will start noticing how dirty your house indeed is. But when you are aware of the problem, you will have a greater desire to cope with it. That’s for sure. So keep that initial passion and motivate yourself all the time. Think about your home and how magnificently it could look at the end. And when a stain is just not vanishing, don’t give up, but try different solutions, new, innovative, strange. Every cleaning problem could be treated; you only need to know how. And what you should remember, that if you want an always clean house, you need a cleaning routine and not a single deep clean-up.

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