Yeah, yeah, I know. The moment you notice the word “weekly” and your hair is going straight. Because in this era of busy jobs and even busier lifestyles, we dream of the weekends. They are the magical islands of freedom, late wake-ups, hours spent in the cosy beds. These are the days of park walks, going out for brunch or dinner. These are the days of the road-trips, of the family lunches, of the board games and the tranquillity. These are the days that do matter. And when a man tells you that you need to spend time every week so that you can clean your entire accommodation and thus maintain your house, you are ready to kill him right now, on the instant. Kremlička_-_MyčkyBut the truth is that denial won’t help you and won’t save you. And another truth is that procrastination won’t lead to something good, as well, but will make your house messy, dirty and just disgusting. And there are only a few other solutions that could make your life easier – the professional cleaning teams and the great efficiency you can achieve by yourself. So do not lose hope, but look at those tips for a cheap way to make your house shine.

Clean as you go

I bet you don’t dream of an entire weekend spent cleaning, but in the same time you want a cozy and always lovely looking house. And though it may sound miraculous, it is indeed possible. You just need to clean as you go. There is nothing tricky here. Wash the dishes as soon as you have prepared the dinner and your kitchen will never be messy. Clean the bathroom with warm water every time you are having a shower and there won’t be any hard water stains. Do the right things in the right time and your house will be sparkling, without you spending hours and far too many efforts.

Work hard

You want to save time, then you better be super efficient. This means that you have to work hard. You have to patient and persistent. And just like in any other situation in life you should never give up. No matter how bad your house look or how serious any cleaning problem is, you can always find a solution. Look online for different cleaning techniques and thus you will acquire more effective skills.

Make your own products

Yeah, we are talking for a cleaning that will cost you next to nothing and will be just as successful as any other. So do not got to the supermarket and never buy tens of detergents that have no use, but will cost you far too much. The truth is that the cleaning products you can make at home, are more efficient and more environmental-friendly than many others. For instance, with white vinegar and baking soda you can clean almost every surface and cope with almost every problem. So invest in things like these and have an absolutely stunning house.

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